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Review the simplified version of our onboarding steps below to understand the process and timing before partnering with us. If you have questions about our process, please let us know how we can help.
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Expressway Details

Our e-commerce site can help your team work more efficiently. See what you can expect from the site and the many reasons customers turn to us for the product information they need to make the sale.
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EDI Assistance

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) improves service and reduces costs throughout the supply chain. Our team of EDI experts can help get you started and ready to place your company's first digital order with us.
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Payment Options

While onboarding, choose how you would like to pay for the product you purchase from us. With three ways to pay for your order, we have something for everyone. Learn more about your options now.
We often get asked this question. It can be two to three weeks. It can be more. Between getting information from your bank to Dot Transportation dock approval, every step along the way can slow down or speed up the process. Most companies that move through the process quicker proactively notify their bank and trade references of the upcoming request from Dot Foods. This allows their partners to be prepared to prioritize their response. 


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