As a company, we can make change happen—but we know that we will go much farther in this journey if the work happens in collaboration with our communities.


Together with our partners and community members, we promise to work tirelessly to build better, more sustainable, and prosperous communities around each of our distribution centers and offices. Please join us on our continuous path to creating a meaningful impact all across the country.

At Dot, Driving Change Starts With:

Our Social Responsibility Numbers



In 2022, we gave over $11.2 million worth of product and financial donations to nonprofit organizations across the United States. 

MSC-Certified Products

We feel responsible for the products we source, which is why we sell 150 fish and seafood products that are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.



Service Hours

Even in the harsh environment of 2020, our employees stepped up to help others. They volunteered 2,865 hours to nonprofit organizations as part of our TLC program.

Join Dot Foods

We are constantly growing and always looking for more diverse, unique, and exceptional people to join our team.

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