Dot Foods Locations

Our Reach—15 Locations and Growing


Fast delivery times and low transportation costs are essential to our business. We choose the locations of our distribution centers (DC) primarily to reduce the distance any item will have to travel from our pick-up locations to our customers.
We also build new DCs in areas with the best labor pool. Employees are our most valuable asset, so Dot teams work incredibly hard to seek out and establish our company in areas with outstanding talent from which we can hire.



Our International Footprint

We also have an international presence. With our joint partnership and DC in Mexico and two DCs in Canada, we help streamline food industry supply chains all throughout North America. Learn more about our Canadian business now. 




Each of our locations is distinct and has different community-wide needs. Because of this, every DC has a charitable committee to provide grants to the nonprofits that need it most.



Join Dot Foods

We are constantly growing, meaning we are always looking for unique and exceptional people to join our team. Learn more about our career paths and find the job that's right for you.