Shipment Optimization

Do you know your cost to serve different order sizes? Those less-than-truckload (LTL) orders can negatively impact your bottom line by driving up costs throughout your business. 
We can help. By shifting your LTL volume to us, you can improve efficiencies and your service level while reducing your costs and environmental footprint. 
It's a big win for everyone involved.  

Your Benefits

Better Service

Our average supplier turns over 3 million pounds of LTL orders to us on an annual basis. This removes 68 truckloads from their supply chain, reduces their need for carriers, and improves their service level.

Less Fuel Used

A supplier saves, on average, $70,000 in fuel costs when we take over their LTL shipments. This helps their bottom line and minimizes their impact on the environment. 

Channel Expansion

Expand into other channels or categories when you work with us. We have multi-temp trucks and warehouses, making it easy to move your LTL orders to us and expand into areas that were previously too costly to serve. 

Reducing Your Footprint

Improve your company's sustainability story when you reduce or remove LTL shipments from your supply chain. On average, our suppliers save 72,000 miles on the road, which accounts for 12,000 fewer gallons of fuel, or 121 metric tons of CO2 emissions.  

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