Plant Sourcing

Getting product from point A to point B is never as simple as it sounds.
Many times the items are going from point A to point E, with stops at B, C, and D in between. But with plant sourcing, we pick up the product at the source: your manufacturing facility. This will help you cut out at least one of those steps, reduce your supply chain costs, and get your product to market faster and fresher.

3 Ways You'll Cut Costs


Eliminate the miles your trucks would normally travel to your distribution centers (DC) when we pick up product directly from your plant.


Reduce or eliminate your warehousing costs by bypassing your DC and having the product go straight to our warehouses instead.


Cut down your finished-goods-to-cash days. The sooner we take possession of the product, the sooner your inventory is turned into cash.



Sustainability and Plant Sourcing

Not only will you save money with our plant sourcing program, but you will be helping the environment too. On average, plant sourcing saves a company 19,000 miles a year, which is around 3,100 gallons of fuel you could remove from your company's footprint.

Everyone Wins with Plant Sourcing

Supplier Testimonials

Eric Jeanette, Dannon

"Full truckload and full pallet direct plant sourcing creates efficiencies for Dannon by eliminating the need to move cases from the plant to the DC. It also provides additional days of code for Dot and their distributor partners, helping to reduce obsolete costs."

Stephanie O'Brien, Nestlé Professional

"Direct plant sourcing allows us to avoid moving product more than necessary, improving freshness, removing transportation and handling costs, and minimizing opportunity for damage. This is a win for Nestlé, our partners, and our customers."

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