Custom kits, shipper displays, repacks: we do it all.


We will preassemble and deliver your shipper displays on your behalf. We will build your custom kits with multiple SKUs in one box. We even have a USDA Certified Clean Room to safely handle your raw and exposed products.
At Dot Foods, we can simplify every aspect of your packaging and assembling (P&A) processes. 

Your P&A Benefits

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Save Time

Our packaging and assembling (P&A) team can preassemble and deliver displays and custom kits on your behalf.
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Less Expenses

Imagine the dollars you can put toward your bottom line when you replace your dedicated production line with racks of inventory.
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Increased Security

Utilize our USDA Certified Clean Room when you want your raw or exposed product to be handled safely and securely.

Our P&A Services

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