Dot Foods stands together with the people and communities across all our locations. Every year, we support our passion projects by raising awareness and motivating employees to take action.
We also work hand-in-hand with local nonprofits to support grassroots causes. See our giving in action—find out how we are working to enact change through our recent and ongoing charitable activities.

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Our Passion Projects

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Charitable Grants

Find out what charitable activities we support and how your organization can apply for a grant. 
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Charitable Report

Download our 2020 report to read about how our charitable work positively impacted our neighbors.
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Tracy Family Foundation

In honor of Dot’s founders, the Tracy Family Foundation (TFF) was formed to advance change in our communities.
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Media Kit

Need our logo for a charitable sponsorship? Want a quote from our team for a press release? Visit our media kit.

Dot Charitable

We support charitable activities in the footprint of our 13 locations. See if we are located near you. 

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