A Note from our President

Announcing Our 2018 Quality & Service Award Winners

I am honored to announce the winners of the 2018 Dot Foods Quality & Service Award.

Our team endeavors to render exceptional customer service at each and every touch point; we recognize this wouldn't be possible without a shared commitment from our manufacturer partners.

We are proud to highlight these 22 manufacturers that consistently go above and beyond the normal standard of service-not only for us, but for our customers as well.

We look forward to celebrating each winner with an on-site award presentation as well as gifts for each company's employees who contributed to our shared success. 

Congratulations to our 2018 Quality & Service Award winners!

  • Barkman Honey
  • Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods Inc.
  • Bridgford Foods Corporation
  • Continental Mills, Inc.
  • Gonnella Baking Company
  • Good Old Days Foods, Inc.
  • Handi-foil of America, Inc.
  • Impossible Foods
  • JMH Premium
  • Knouse Foods, Inc.
  • Kronos Foods Corp.
  • Living Essentials
  • Mrs. T's Pierogies
  • Rosina Food Products
  • Rotella's Italian Bakery
  • Sterno Products
  • Stratas Foods
  • Tampa Maid Foods
  • Trinidad Benham
  • TW Garner Food Company
  • Upstate Niagara Cooperative
  • Zola

Let's grow the list of winners next year; for 2019 eligibility, manufacturers must have weekly volume of at least one truckload per week and have been in our program for at least one full year. Beyond that, we evaluate on service to Dot and efficient communication.

Service to Dot

  • Overall Inbound S/L
  • Inbound S/L on Dot Special Order Items 
  • Load Time for our Trucks in Under 2 Hours on your Dock 
  • On-time Delivery when Freight Managed by Supplier 
  • Work with Us on Expediting Returns and Cleaning up Dead Inventory
  • Flexibility in Appointment Scheduling

Efficient Communication

  • Pro-Active Communication on Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities
    • Examples:
      • Service Level Issues, Resolution, and Timeline
      • Allocation of Product, Giving Dot Priority
      • Changes in Customer Demand
      • New Item Introduction/Item Discontinuation
  • Successful Integration of the Following Electronic Communication
    • GDSN Item Maintenance: Core Item, Marketing, and Nutrition
    • EDI 879 Pricing or Utilize Pricing Template
    • EDI 855 Price Communications (On-time)
    • EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice (ASN), (On-Time and research if rejected)
    • EDI 810/880 Invoices
  • Data Accuracy
  • Scannable Bar Code Matches Published GTIN on All Cases
  • Correct Case Weight, Length, Width, and Height Published; If Inaccurate, Works with Dot to Address Any Discrepancies

I look forward to another noteworthy year of continued growth with all our manufacturer partners.



Dick Tracy

Dot Foods President

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