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Avoid turning down orders when an item isn't stocked at your facility.

End-users ask for products you don't carry. It's a time-tested part of the industry.

Dot on Demand provides your team an effective way to meet the product needs of your operators, without adding inventory and at a product cost in line with
manufacturer-direct pricing.

Dot on Demand puts the power in your hands.

  • Expands your product offering and services without additional warehouse inventory.
  • Keeps competition out of your key customers by allowing you to offer items your customers ask for but you don't carry.
  • Puts the information your customers need when deciding to buy as close as possible.
  • Helps maximize business with your preferred suppliers by allowing you to offer a much larger offering from those manufacturers.
  • Lets you offer up to 30,000 items to your customers - without having to stock them.

More items, more sales, less inventory! That's the winning combination Dot on Demand provides to help you satisfy your customers.

Offer your customers up to 30,000 products without adding inventory.

For over 55 years, Dot Foods has helped food distributors manage their inventory more efficiently. We've been successful in bringing you increased turns, frequent deliveries, and reduced lead times. We now have a program that connects your sales force to our warehouse.

Dot on Demand helps your sales force succeed by linking your warehouse to ours.

• Offer up to 30,000 Dot stocked items without storing any inventory.
• Easily answer customer requests for new and unique items.
• Provide better service to your customers.
• Avoid turning down orders when customers insist on an item you do not stock.

Buyers benefit with Dot on Demand, too!

• Leveraging Dot's stocked inventory enables buyers to minimize slow movers.
• Allows buyers to standardize the special order process.
• Minimizes buyer workload created by "find for me" requests from sales reps.
• Option for your sales force to place orders, with your approval.

Dot on Demand provides distributors with many important benefits.

• Increased sales - offering more products helps you capture more business.
• Fewer slow moving items - many items can be eliminated from your inventory and still be sold effectively.
• Improved special order process - option to handle orders easily in the sales call.
• Better customer service- puts information in the hands of your sales force so they can respond quickly to customer requests.

Getting started with Dot on Demand is as easy as one, two, three!

(1) Register your sales force for the Dot on Demand Expressway View.

(2) Customize your view. Make decisions on:

• Pricing your sales force will see - choose your invoice cost, marked up pricing, or no pricing at all.
• Product lines your sales force will see - choose the temperatures, categories or product lines.
• Ordering - Do you want your sales force to be able to enter orders on the Dot Expressway? A Gatekeeper functionality is available.

(3) Train your sales team on Dot on Demand.

• Dot will help train your team through webinars and in person, on-site training.


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    Accessible through, the Dot Expressway website is one of the most visited sites in the food industry, receiving 1.2 million hits a month. It’s an online, convenient way to place orders, track purchase history and search Dot’s product catalog 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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  • Dot On Demand

    Avoid turning down orders when an item isn't stocked at your facility. End-users ask for products you don't carry. It's a time-tested part of the industry. Dot on Demand provides your team an effective way to meet the product needs of your operators, without adding inventory and at a product cost in line with manufacturer-direct pricing.

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  • Sample Express

    Sample Express® is an easy-to-use, online ordering process used to get samples of your product to your customers. Just place one order and enter the address where you want your samples shipped. That’s all there is to it. No more lost samples. No forgotten or late orders. No more wondering why samples were ordered and where they went. You’ll save on shipping, not to mention the time involved in processing your orders.

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  • Innovations - Dot Trade Show

    Since the ‘90s, Dot Foods has hosted a trade show like no other in St. Louis, Missouri. Every year our distributors, manufacturers, national accounts, Dot employees and the Tracy family come together for a whirlwind three-day event.

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  • Advisory Board

    Our Advisory Board program allows us to gather feedback from our distributor customers, manufacturers and brokers. Their perceptions are crucial to our long-term growth and continuous quality improvements.

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  • Activity Based Purchasing Seminars

    Originally developed to determine the product line profitability of our own suppliers, Dot’s Activity Based Purchasing Seminar now helps distributors identity what drives their purchasing decisions.

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  • Executive Express

    Designed primarily for current distribution customers who are buying approximately a half-truckload per week, Dot’s Executive Express program introduces customers to our unique culture, program and services.

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  • Business Reviews

    Dot periodically organizes a series of regional Business Reviews for food manufacturer direct reps. Our goal is to help direct reps better understand how our redistribution program and services can increase sales for their company.

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  • Distributor Development Program

    Designed to benefit manufacturers, this program provides distributor customers with information on new items and promotions, plus sales tips and tools to help them grow.

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  • Quality & Service Award

    Dot’s Quality & Service Award is presented annually to suppliers who demonstrate outstanding commitment to service and performance.

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  • Dot Trip

    The Dot Trip is an incentive program designed to help food manufacturers market their products to more than 1,300 independent distributors nationwide.

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  • New Product Launch Toolkit

    When you plan the launch of your next new program, don’t forget to add Dot to the marketing mix. We offer a simple, cost-effective New Product Launch Tool Kit to help make your new product even more successful.

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  • Multi-Unit Forum

    This meeting provides an overview of the Dot Foods foodservice multi-unit strategy, and a forum to share information on how we can help you grow your multi-unit business, improve service, and reduce expenses.

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