Dot on Demand®

End-users ask for products you don't carry. It's a time-tested part of the industry. Dot on Demand helps your salesforce succeed by placing our product offering in the hands of your company's sales team.


1. Allows you to say yes to the operator

You don't have it in stock? No worries; we do. By utilizing the Dot Expressway or integrating our items into your system, you can stop saying no to your customers.

2. Increased sales

Gain access to 44,000 stocked items, including trending product categories. 

3. More value

With Dot on Demand, you will suddenly be more valuable to your customers, improving operator loyalty, DSR margin improvement, and productivity. 

4. Product information at your fingertips

Conduct your own sales research on the go with our mobile-optimized site. 

5. Reduce complexity and expenses

Shipping directly to your customer via our site means you no longer have to deal with running these small quantity, costly items through your system. 

When signing up for Dot on Demand, you can choose between these two customized paths:

  1. Dot Expressway:  Our ecommerce platform is the one-stop-shop for 131,000 items. Distributor sales teams can get signed up for our site and immediately gain access to our pantry of products, product information, and the reports they need to make more sales.
  2. Item Integration:  By linking your warehouse to ours, your company gets more inventory without adding warehouse space. 

More items, more sales, less inventory! That's the winning combination Dot on Demand provides to help you satisfy your customers. Contact your Dot Foods distributor sales rep for more information today.


All Resources

  • Dot Expressway

    The Dot Expressway is one of the most visited websites in the food industry, receiving 2.5 million pageviews a month. It’s an online, convenient way to place orders, track purchase history, and search Dot’s product catalog 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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  • Dot on Demand

    Avoid turning down orders when an item isn't stocked at your facility. Dot on Demand provides your team an effective way to meet the product needs of your operators, without adding inventory and at a product cost in line with manufacturer-direct pricing.

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  • Dot Trip

    The Dot Trip is an incentive program designed to help food manufacturers sell more products to new customers across the U.S.

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  • Dot Customized Services

    Have you ever added up the costs hidden in your sample and packaging and assembly (P&A) processes? These charges can get costly, but our existing partnership allows you to save money by utilizing our sample and P&A solutions. Whether it is a one-case sample shipment or the construction and fulfillment of all your shippers and display units, we have a method for reducing your costs and increasing your supply chain efficiencies.

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  • Advisory Board

    Our Advisory Board program allows us to gather feedback from our distributor customers, manufacturers, and brokers. Attendees are encouraged to bring their questions, comments, and criticisms to the table.

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  • Business Reviews

    Dot periodically organizes a series of regional Business Reviews for food manufacturer direct reps. Our goal is to help direct reps better understand how our redistribution program and services can increase sales for their company.

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  • Dot Marketing Programs

    Imagine the possibilities when you add Dot Marketing Services to your marketing strategy. From an Innovations trade show booth to targeted emails to Dot Expressway advertising, we have so much to offer our manufacturer partners.

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  • Quality & Service Award

    Dot’s Quality & Service Award is presented annually to suppliers who demonstrate outstanding commitment to service and performance.

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  • E-Commerce Fulfillment

    Make order fulfillment and shipping stress-free with Dot E-Commerce Fulfillment. We take the hassle out of B2B and B2C ambient, refrigerated, and frozen product orders, so you can focus on growing other aspects of your business.

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