Savor Imports ... Powered by Dot Foods

Consumers want unique global flavors, but imports can be tricky for distributors to source and deliver.

At Dot Foods, we saw this trend and industry-wide need and created Savor Imports in 2011 as another innovative way for our customers to get the items they want in a faster, simpler way.

As the leading authority and purveyor of imported food products, Savor searches the world for emerging flavors and uncommon foods and ingredients.

Due to Savor's resourcing expertise and strong industry partnerships, you can be assured of its cost efficiencies and product availability.

Today, Savor Imports carries a complete pantry of imports---more than 350 items---all of which are available through Dot Foods. From everyday staples to hard-to-source items, these flavors ignite the senses and turn the simple act of eating into an experience worth remembering.

Savor Imports … powered by Dot Foods. Supply chain solved.

Supply Chain Solved

Imports can involve long lead times and frequent shorts. But Savor Imports has the supply chain solved. Their complete pantry is available through us, and much of it is stocked and ready for your next order.

Chef Don Turley partners with Savor's customers to cross-utilize items in their pantry with items in Savor's. He specializes in new menu item development that results in positive sales and guest experiences. 

Improving Your Online Shopping Experience with GS1

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Will you receive a gallon of soy sauce, or will it be 55 gallons? That's a pretty big size difference. Wouldn't you like to know before you order?

You need accurate product information to make informed buying decisions. Savor Imports and Dot Foods understand this. We know how important it is to see an image of the product, to read the nutrition labels, to understand the size of the product before you place an order.

To ensure their 350 products provide the details their customers need when shopping on the Dot Expressway, Savor aligns with International GS1 Standards and will be fully compliant in 2020. 

They believe in GS1's mission to streamline the flow of communication and increase efficiency, so their customers know exactly what they are getting when they purchase from Savor Imports.