These are challenging times. Everyone across the food industry is scrambling to determine demand and fulfill customers' needs.


As always, we are here to serve as your complete sourcing solution, delivering essential products even as the food industry experiences rapid changes. Our COVID-19 Food & Packaging Essentials pages contain a continuously updated list of products that are all ready to be delivered in two to four days. Check in regularly to see the products we have available to get your business through the pandemic. 
All products are subject to availability.

Hand Sanitizer

The new normal entails constant hand disinfecting—especially for foodservice workers. Our hand sanitizers are FDA approved and meet CDC recommendations for alcohol percentage. 

Store Signage and Barriers

Reopening restaurants must be mindful of health and social distancing. Signs and barriers are must-haves for keeping guests and employees informed.

Tamper-Evident Labels

With nearly 30 percent of delivery drivers admitting to eating the food they're supposed to be dropping off, tamper-evident labels are essential for ensuring quality and safety. 

Restaurant Safety

We have all the non-food supplies restaurants need to reopen during the pandemic. Masks, aprons, thermometers, and more are in stock and ready to ship fast.
How exactly has COVID-19 impacted the supply chain? Find out in Dot Expressway's Supplier Letters section. Read Dot Foods' supplier updates on product availability, price changes, service level disruptions, and more. 



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