Our logo is the signature of our company. It is a vital part of identifying our brand. 
You are welcome to download our logo. We only ask that you abide by our brand guidelines and use the logo in an appropriate manner as stated on this page. 
One additional piece to note about our logo: while the Dot letters in the logo are in all caps, the casing of the written word is not all caps. When referring to our company in print, please use "Dot Foods," not "DOT Foods." 

Dot Logo Do's and Don'ts

The approved Dot Foods blue logo


DO download and use the logos on this page.
Dot Foods logo in yellow with a red line through it to show that yellow is the incorrect color for Dot's logo


DON'T use color in the logo that is not approved.
The Dot Foods blue logo with a yellow shadow behind it and a red line going through it to signify that this is the incorrect way to display the Dot logo


DON'T change the Dot logotype color within the oval.
The Dot Foods logo with a shadow behind it and red line over it to signify this is not the correct treatment for the Dot Foods logo


DON'T add patterns or shadows to the logo.
The Dot blue logo at a narrower width than is appropriate and a red line through it to signify that this is the incorrect way to display the Dot logo


DON'T change the shape of the logo or stretch it.
The Dot Foods logo shown with an incorrect background to point out how not to display the Dot Foods logo


DON'T place the logo on a busy background.
The Dot Foods blue logo at an odd angel with a red line going through it to signify the logo should not be placed at this angle


DON'T change the direction of the font within the logo.
The Dot Foods blue logo is displayed with the word "Dot" used in an incorrect font with a red line through it


DON'T change the typeface, or font, of Dot.



The Dot Logo Color Options

Registration Mark

The registration mark, or ® to the right of the T in the logo, should always be visible.

Minimum Size

Refer to these guidelines when using our logo:
Print = .75" height or larger
Digital = 90 pixels or larger

Clear Space

Please have at least the width of the letter "T" in the logo on every side of the logo if placed next to your logo or copy.

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