The United Way’s Response to COVID-19
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Dot Foods proudly supports the United Way each year through the annual campaign in which employees can pledge to donate money to the cause in 2021. Dot matches each donation 50 cents on the dollar.

By Amanda Hagedorn, Corporate Content Writer
Unprecedented challenges call for innovative solutions. The United Way knows this well. The organization has acted to rebuild areas after natural disasters, create community gardens in food deserts, and discover ways to solve other local issues. 
When the coronavirus pandemic struck, the United Way initiated several efforts to get vulnerable communities through this crisis. Since March, the nonprofit has: 
  • Raised about $900 million for COVID-19 relief 
  • Launched national and local COVID-19 recovery funds across over 600 United Ways
  • Advocated for struggling families and nonprofits
  • Hosted virtual events to raise funds and awareness
  • Developed digital platforms to allow people to submit problems, brainstorm solutions, and educate each other during the pandemic
The United Way needs our support to continue providing essential relief. For several years, Dot Foods has teamed up with our local United Way chapters to support our communities. From September 7–November 16, 2020, Dot employees can pledge their 2021 donations to the United Way, which Dot will match 50 cents on the dollar. To learn more about our charity initiatives, visit our Giving in Action page.