Neighbor to Neighbor, Dot Foods’ annual food distribution program, is one of our biggest charitable initiatives to serve the communities that our employees call home. This year alone, we delivered $405,000 worth of food and necessities to 76 pantries near our 13 U.S. locations and our upcoming location at Manchester, Tennessee.
When we launched Neighbor to Neighbor in 2014, we set out to do food pantry donations differently. We could have donated whatever excess product we had in our warehouses, but that approach doesn’t always ensure that the items we deliver are what the pantries need. Why donate ten cases of peanut butter or cereal when they already have plenty? Instead, each pantry receives an order form, through which they can select $5,000 of available goods that are in demand in their communities.
Neighbor to Neighbor has never been more vital. Food pantries near all our locations shared that the inflation has created tremendous need. Supply chain challenges have also made it difficult for pantries to access food and necessities to serve their communities. 
Dot employees across several areas of our business execute the Neighbor to Neighbor program from start to finish:
  • Members from each of our locations’ charitable committees reach out to local pantries to explain the program, send out order forms, and coordinate other details. 
  • Replenishment employees determine the products available for donation. 
  • Warehouse employees palletize the donated goods. 
  • The Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) dispatch team schedules deliveries.
  • DTI drivers transport product.
  • Employees volunteer to unload product from our trucks and into the pantries. 
Here are the 76 Neighbor to Neighbor beneficiaries by Dot location:
  • Food For Families
  • Laughlin Food Bank
  • Mohave Valley Food Pantry
  • The Salvation Army of Kingman
  • St. Vincent De Paul of Bullhead City
  • St. Vincent De Paul of Needles

AZ-N2N (1).jpeg

  • Good Samaritan Training Center
  • Interfaith Ministries of Modesto - The Food Initiative
  • Modesto Gospel Mission
  • Oakdale Community Sharing Christian Center
  • St. Vincent de Paul of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church
  • St. Vincent de Paul of St. Jude Parish
N2N_St_Judes_CA (1).jpeg
“Recently our regular food donations have dropped off quite a bit and our food box size that we distribute reflects it. This $5,000 food grant will help keep smiles on people’s faces in our community and fill those boxes up over the top again!”
—David Cloxton, Good Samaritan Training Center
  • Action: Love Pantry
  • Alicia’s House
  • Faith Movers Church
  • New Lenox Township Food Pantry
Chi N2N.5.jpg
“This city is lacking grocery stores, and Faith Movers Church has been able to help bridge the gap of resources for many homes. Faith Movers Church is looking to expand our outreach efforts by building an outreach and recreational center on its grounds within the next couple of years. This donation would help ensure that we are able to continually grow our food pantry.”
—Ryan Thomas, Faith Movers Church
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  • Canaan Baptist Church
  • Charity Crossing
  • Colonial School District Food Pantry at Southern Elementary
  • Francis X Norton Center
  • Health Food Pantry at the Food Bank of Delaware
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“Dot Foods and its employees are setting a great example. They work with community partners to ensure that their donations not only help drive away hunger but are also environmentally friendly.”
—Jay Muthukamatchi, Charity Crossing
  • Dyersburg Christian Center
  • First United Methodist Church Food Pantry
  • Reelfoot Rural Ministries
  • The Salvation Army of Dyer County
“The need for grocery assistance is increasing and availability of food items has been low. Dot Foods is a vital partner in our mission to offer nourishment to our neighbors.”
—Robert Craig, Reelfoot Rural Ministries
  • Evergreen True Vine
  • God’s Storehouse
  • Helping Hands
  • His Works Ministry Outreach & Food Bank
  • New Beginning Faith Temple Food Pantry
  • Southeast Georgia Community Projects


  • Community Council of Idaho - Burley
  • Filer Senior Haven
  • Hope for the Hungry Community Food Pantry
  • Open Hearts Food Pantry
  • Rock Creek Food Pantry
  • The Salvation Army of Twin Falls
Idaho_N2N_2 (2).jpeg
“Without donations from Dot, our ability to help would significantly decrease and possibly close our doors.”
—Robyn Moss, Rock Creek Food Pantry
  • Circle U Help Center
  • The Corner Market (Union County School Market)
  • Fayette County Food Council
  • Gateway Hunger Relief Center
  • God’s Grain Bin
  • Winchester Area Churches and Community Food Pantry
“Dot Foods’ Neighbor to Neighbor program couldn't have come at a better time. The financial donation is wonderful, but actually being able to order the food is the real gift to our pantry.”
—Pam Ferguson, Winchester Area Churches and Community Food Pantry
  • Good Samaritan Manchester
  • Good Samaritan Tullahoma
  • The Storehouse Food Pantry
“One of our grandmothers who is on a fixed income was recently awarded custody of her three grandchildren because her daughter was unable to care for the children any longer. The grandmother tearfully told me that without the food provided by Good Samaritan—and Dot—she would not be able to feed her family. We will continue to use the donation from Dot to feed our community, from the oldest down to the newborns.”
—Fay Jones, Good Samaritan of Manchester

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  • Cass County Food Pantry
  • Community for Christ Assistance Center
  • Jacksonville Area Community Food Center
  • Macomb Salvation Army
  • Nauvoo Food Pantry
  • North Greene Area Food Pantry
  • Open Hands Lutheran Church of St. John
  • Outreach Community Center
  • The Salvation Army of Quincy
  • Schuyler County Food Basket
  • Two Rivers Food Pantry

Mt. Sterling N2N 2022.png
“We are beyond excited and blessed to be receiving this donation this year …. In the past months we have seen a decline of the availability of food ….  Our annual Christmas giveaway registration has already exceeded any number that we have ever provided for before and this donation will help us to be able to possibly use some of our funds in that program."
—Marsha Mayner, operator of the Outreach Community Center.
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  • Food and Resource Center of SC Oklahoma
  • Hands of Hope
  • Hope for Marshall Co. Food Bank
  • Wilson Food Bank
“Because we do not charge for any of our services, we rely on donations of all kinds to keep our doors open. $5,000 of food will go a long way in helping … our families to thrive and not just survive.”
—James Rosson, Food and Resource Center
  • Catholic Charities of Oswego
  • Rescue Mission of Utica
  • The Salvation Army of Oswego
  • The Salvation Army of Syracuse
  • Samaritan Center
  • Syracuse Northeast Community Center
N2N_Samaritan_Center_NY (2).png
“Dot’s employees are amazing and go the extra mile to deliver food that is needed in our community. In times where funding is being cut, this donation will help our efforts tremendously.”
—Captain Heather Odom, The Salvation Army of Oswego
  • East St. Louis Township
  • Gethsemane Food Pantry
  • Guardian Angel Settlement at Hosea House
  • The Salvation Army - Midland
  • Soup-N-Share Outreach Program
  • St. Vincent de Paul of St. Pius V Catholic Church
N2N_East_STL (1).jpeg
"Because of your help, we will be distributing 150 baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas to needy families. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dot Foods."
—Sherrie M. Hare, Soup-n-Share Outreach Program