The focus on philanthropy at Dot Foods lives at the heart of our company, thanks to founders Robert (RT) and Dorothy Tracy.
RT and Dorothy served and supported many local charities in the Brown County community and helped build the Mt. Sterling Community Center YMCA in 2004. They paved the way for our company’s focus on caring for our communities. More than 60 years later, giving back continues to play a key role in Dot’s culture because of the generosity of the Tracy family and our employees.
What makes Dot unique is the high level of employee involvement throughout our charitable initiatives. We have employee-led charitable committees across our 13 U.S. locations working with nonprofits to make a difference at a local level. The groups and causes we support fall into one of our five charitable focus areas:
  • Community Development and Engagement
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Education
  • Health and Wellness
  • Public Safety
The Tracy Family Foundation (TFF) also pitched in to help communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. TFF was founded in 1997 by the Tracy family to carry on the philanthropic legacy of Dot’s founders. The foundation enacted a COVID-19 Response Fund to support Illinois nonprofits.
The Dot Cares Fund provides monetary assistance to employees during a crisis, such as house fires, natural disasters, or deaths in the family. Employees facing significant medical expenses may also be eligible when maximum out-of-pocket has been reached. During a difficult year, our fund was able to support many of our employees.