Dot Foods Donates Products to Texas After Winter Storm
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West Virginia Baptist received 38,000 pounds of food from us and delivered it to residents of Houston, Texas.

Our hearts go out to everyone in Texas who endured the devastating winter storms in February.
At Dot, we couldn’t let the excess food and supplies in our warehouses go to waste when we knew so many people were in urgent need. We donated nearly 110,000 pounds of product to several nonprofit organizations that are providing relief to Texas residents.  
Some of the donations we made in the past few weeks include: 
  • 38,000 pounds of product to West Virginia Baptist; the church sent the items to Houston
  • 37,000 pounds of product to Catholic Charities in San Antonio
  • 20,000 pounds of product to San Antonio Food Bank, a Feeding Texas organization
  • 13,000 pounds of product to Reach Out America in Houston 
We are now working with FEMA to provide hand sanitizer, face masks, and other essential items for relief. 
“For the state, it’s been disaster on top of disaster. Texas has been hit hard by COVID-19, and many people were still recovering from Hurricane Harvey in 2017,” said Suzy Parn, the head of Dot’s corporate charitable program. “I can’t help but think of California, Alabama, and Louisiana, which also experienced disasters alongside the pandemic last year. We donated food and supplies to those states during that time, and now it’s time for us to do what we can for Texas.” 
A recent New York Times article showed the tremendous demand for food in the aftermath of the storms. 10 days after the storm hit, cars lined up for two to three miles outside the San Antonio Food Bank with workers serving about 200 cars an hour. 
Reach Out America experienced the same demand. “People from all over the city came and lined up around the facility waiting to get food and water,” said Hope King from Reach Out America. “Many thanks for the wonderful shipment of food for the victims of the arctic winter blast humanitarian relief program.” 
We’re grateful for all the nonprofits that have worked tirelessly to get Texans through this crisis. We’re glad that we could support their efforts. If you would like to help communities in Texas, you can donate to these organizations: Catholic Charities of San Antonio, Reach Out America, San Antonio Food Bank, Feeding Texas