Wake Up Your Breakfast Menu With Global Flavors
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Avocado is a useful ingredient to use across multiple dayparts and menu offerings, including global breakfast dishes.

Breakfast was one of the hardest-hit dayparts in 2020, but restaurants are looking to reintroduce breakfast to consumers’ morning routines. 


Global dishes and ingredients are what restaurants need to get consumers to put down their cereal boxes and start their morning with a world of flavor. We teamed up with Savor Imports to learn how to give breakfast staples an international spin. 


Morning Hand-Helds

To drive morning traffic, restaurants are looking to the solution that saved many foodservice businesses last year: off-premises services. Several global menu offerings are perfect for breakfast on the go. 
Breakfast sandwiches, wraps, and burritos command consumer attention. A version that strays from the typical eggs-cheese-bacon/sausage combo could command even more attention from adventurous eaters. 
Consider a Levantine breakfast wrap with eggplant, hummus, tahini, and eggs in pita. Create a breakfast variation of jianbing, a popular Chinese street food of savory fillings surrounded by a thin pancake. For something on the sweeter side, go with mini churros served with a side of maple syrup. 


Global Plus-Ones

Sometimes all it takes to reawaken a stale menu item is one ingredient. The plus-one method is a simple strategy to introduce new flavors to offerings and pre-prepared products without putting too much strain on budgets or the back of the house. 
  • Add harissa, za’atar, chorizo crumbles, or chermoula for a new take on breakfast potatoes or hash. 


  • Scrambles and breakfast skillets are better with some international flair. Go Greek with feta and lamb, add a Japanese spin with teriyaki sauce and tempura shrimp, or give dishes an Ethiopian kick with berbere.


  • It’s not just American breakfasts that can benefit from the plus-one treatment. Shakshouka, an egg dish from Tunisia and Israel, is known for its vibrant red tomato sauce. Give it a striking makeover with yellow oven-roasted tomatoes.


Your Sourcing Solution

Transporting diners’ taste buds around the world requires the right ingredients. Savor’s innovative portfolio of imported items hails from 32 different countries, giving chefs and foodservice operators plenty of options to wake up their breakfast menus. Savor’s full product line is available at Dot.


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