Put a Savory Spin on Pumpkin
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Pumpkin can elevate familiar favorites, like this bowl of soup. A velvety pumpkin puree gives an autumnal boost to seafood bisque, vegetable soup, and chili.  

Whenever people hear the word “pumpkin,” they imagine sweet treats like pumpkin spice lattes or pumpkin pies. But the gourd’s savory side is overdue for attention.
Datassential found that savory pumpkin dishes are popping up on more menus, as diners seek new ways to consume their favorite fall ingredient. We’re going beyond the dessert menu to explore pumpkin’s full potential. Check out some of these savory offerings. 


Hearty Entrees
As the temperature drops and the holidays approach, consumers want their fill of warm comfort foods. Pumpkin can elevate familiar favorites, like a bowl of soup. Velvety pumpkin puree can give an autumnal boost to seafood bisque, vegetable soup, and chili.  
It can also serve as the key ingredient for rich pasta dishes, such as pumpkin and mascarpone ravioli. Brown butter sage sauce is a delicious way to finish off pumpkin pasta entrees. Another option is to put a twist on classics like fettuccine alfredo with a creamy pumpkin sauce. 
Delectable Sides
Though technically a fruit, pumpkin can play a similar role as root vegetables in side dishes. It brightens up a plate, balances a meal, and can be prepared multiple ways to compliment a range of entrees. 
Use pumpkin puree to put a fall twist on mashed potatoes or risotto. Dice and roast it to include in a vegetable medley. Mix cubed pumpkin with spinach, cheese, and nuts to create a seasonal salad. Incorporate it into hummus and other dips. For a more casual side, consider pumpkin fries dusted with parmesan. 
Pepita Toppings 
It isn’t just the flesh of the gourd that can be incorporated into savory meals. Pepitas, pumpkin seeds that don’t require shelling, add a nice crunch to a range of dishes. The seeds have seen a nearly 80 percent increase in restaurant menus in the past four years. 
Once pepitas have been roasted or toasted, chefs often capitalize on their health benefits by adding them on top of nutritious salads and grain bowls or turning them into a light vinaigrette. They also make a delicious crust for seafood entrees. 
Your Sourcing Solution
The versatility of pumpkin has gone unnoticed for too long. By putting a savory spin on the ingredient, chefs can make memorable fall menu items that consumers order year after year.  
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