Guide to Delivery and Carryout Packaging
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For most restaurants, carryout and delivery have been the only ways to feed their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these services are new for a lot of eating establishments. Pivoting to a different business model so rapidly to adjust to this virus hasn’t been easy.
To help businesses improve their off-premises services, we put together a guide on one of the most important aspects of these operations: packaging. Not all containers are suitable for all foods and beverages. Make sure you’re selecting supplies that don’t sacrifice the integrity of the cuisine. As you select containers, consider the following: 
  • Food Temperature: Food should be packaged at safe temperatures, and cold and hot items should be in separate containers. Materials such as aluminum and paper are ideal for conserving heat. 
  • Leak Resistance: Delivery and takeout can be messy. Select containers that won’t crack or leak easily to avoid seepage. Plastic tends to be the best material for preventing leakage.
  • Future Consumption: It’s not uncommon for people to refrigerate, freeze, or reheat their delivery or carryout meals for future consumption. To take extra precautions against the coronavirus, consumers are also heating items once they’ve been picked up or delivered. Packaging that is microwave- or freezer-safe could be a selling point for your customers. Additionally, you can provide reheating instructions. 
  • Environmental Impact: If your restaurant proclaims to care about the environment, customers might be skeptical if they notice you using plastic containers. With biodegradable or compostable packaging, you can drive business while reducing your ecological footprint. 
  • Tamper-evident: Nearly 30 percent of food delivery drivers admit to taking a bite of customer orders. Considering this gross statistic, restaurants often opt for tamper-evident packaging, which is designed to indicate to consumers if someone has opened their order. This is an especially important feature for restaurants that use third-party delivery services.
  • Branding:  Some packaging suppliers can customize products to include logos and other messaging. This gives you a great opportunity to improve your brand experience and exposure. 
Your Sourcing Solution 
These are strange and difficult times for restaurants. Delivery and carryout aren’t just the fastest-growing segments of the industry; they’re the only options for most establishments right now. Even after restaurants reopen for dine-in services, off-premise business is expected to become an increasingly major part of the foodservice landscape. Delivery and carryout are here to stay. 
Dot Foods will stick with you during and after the pandemic. We have put together COVID-19 Food & Packaging Essentials site, our frequently updated list of products in high demand because of the coronavirus, including delivery and carryout supplies. Visit our site to see a list of our featured supplies and shop for them on the Dot Expressway.