MT. STERLING, Ill. - Dot Foods celebrated another year in 2011 of safety milestones by giving out $87,000 in prizes to 30 warehouse and garage personnel and support staff across the country. The awards program recognized employees based on their individual injury-free work performance.

"Dot Foods is committed to reducing accidents and injuries and focused on encouraging our employees' safe practices and behaviors," said Don Pierce, employee safety manager. "We're pleased to recognize and reward our employees for their participation in keeping Dot a safe workplace."

More than 1,300 employees were eligible to participate in the safety incentive program, which permitted two winners for the following departments: Illinois dry warehouse day and night  shifts; Illinois frozen warehouse day and night shifts; Illinois cooler; New York warehouse; Maryland warehouse; Georgia warehouse, Oklahoma warehouse; California warehouse; Indiana warehouse; Idaho warehouse; garage personnel; maintenance personnel; and support staff. Employees were required to have worked at least 1,000 hours in 2011, have no written disciplinary action and no OSHA recordable injuries for one full year. Each winner received an all-expense paid travel voucher for themselves and a spouse.

The following winners were announced:

  • Paul Turnquest and Scott Dow, order selectors; and Josh Lewis, maintenance technician, out of the Vidalia, Ga. warehouse.
  • Robert Carbaugh and Rob Cuddy, order selectors; and Jason Fischer, garage technician, out of the Williamsport, Md. warehouse.
  • Mike Rondinello and Mike Krul, order selectors; and Andrew Ray, maintenance technician, out of the Liverpool, N.Y. warehouse.
  • Ross Regan and Landon Miller, order selectors, out of the Cambridge City, Ind. warehouse.
  • Richard Adams and Joe Palumbo, order selectors, out of the Ardmore, Okla. warehouse.
  • Brett Beabout and Ralph Condon, order selectors; and Ed Irsik, Spotter, out of the Burley, Idaho warehouse.
  • Somsay Phengsavanh and Ismael Arteaga, order selectors, out of the Modesto, Calif. warehouse.
  • James Stone, Brian Smith, Reggie Leftridge, Jeff Seymour, Travis Phillips, Chad Engles, Ebby Erickson, David Hiland, Jerry Schoonover and Misty Jennings, order selectors; Gerald Collins, garage technician; and Monty Smith, gate station attendant, out of the Mt. Sterling, Ill. warehouse.

One trend that Pierce cites as contributing to the safety success of the now 50 year old company is the ratio of near miss reports to injuries.  "Companywide, our ratio is
 4.58 near miss events reported for every injury," Pierce said.  "This activity allows us to  identify and correct the deficiencies prior to someone getting hurt.  Working safely is an expectation for all Dot Foods employees. We will continue working toward our goal of zero injuries and accidents."

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