Dot Foods, the largest food industry redistributor in North America, continues to grow. The company announced today the start of a $12.8 million warehouse expansion at its corporate headquarters in Mt. Sterling, Illinois. Work on the project to add 91,000 square feet to the refrigerated and 4th temperature warehouses started this month and is scheduled to be complete in late spring.

"We've done a lot of growing in Mt. Sterling in recent years," said Dot Foods President Dick Tracy. "That's really exciting for us, because it means our business is sound. We are fortunate to employ 2,500 people at our Mt. Sterling headquarters, and when Dot grows and succeeds we're able to share that success with our employees and their families, our business partners, and customers."

This warehouse expansion comes on the heels of several other Dot capital projects. Work is underway on a Family Health Center facility in Uptown Mt. Sterling for Dot employees and their family members covered by Dot's medial insurance. And in May, the company unveiled a 60,000 square foot office addition at its headquarters. The pre-existing office space is currently undergoing a $7 million renovation. The office renovation and warehouse expansion are scheduled to wrap up around the same time, in mid-2019.

The latest expansion marks the 3rd time Dot has increased the size of its refrigerated warehouse space at the 1 Dot Way campus in Mt. Sterling. In addition to adding space to the cooler, the company is also relocating its 4th temperature warehouse to be adjacent to the cooler. Dot's 4th temperature warehouse is an area climate controlled specifically for candy; it is currently housed in the dry warehouse building. Moving it over to the cooler facility means all temperature-controlled products will be located under one roof. The former candy storage area can then be used to accommodate Dot's need for more dry warehouse space.

"We're always evaluating our business to see what we can improve," explained Tracy, "These changes are a win across the board for us. Dot continues to grow across many segments of the food industry. Products that move through our warehouses end up in restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, drug stores and more; we need more space as we enter into relationships with more manufacturer partners. This expansion will bring operational efficiencies in our dry, cooler and 4th temperature facilities, and it's in line with our long-term plan for growth in Mt. Sterling."

The Mt. Sterling headquarters is the largest of Dot's 11 distribution centers located across the U.S. When this expansion project is finished, Dot's total warehouse space in Mt. Sterling will be more than 1,500,000 square feet.

Dot Foods and Dot Transportation employ more than 5,300 hundred people nationwide, including more than 2,500 at its Mt. Sterling headquarters.