Increase your product offering without adding warehouse space.


At Dot, we have 43,000 products in stock and ready to ship. Any or all of these items can be yours to show on your ecommerce platform when you integrate your system with ours. Stop saying no to your customers who need something now. Say yes to product integration.

How Product Integration Works

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Meet with the Dot Foods Sales and IT teams.
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Choose how your company wants to receive our data.
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Set up your integration infrastructure (if not done).
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Select what Dot products you want in your system.
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Create a unique vendor ID for us.
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Start to receive product data from us.
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Display more products in your system or website.
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Sell more and improve your bottom-line.



Fulfillment Options

When our products are ordered via your website or internal system, you can choose the fulfillment method and when you want the product to arrive. Along with receiving an order on your next Dot truck, we offer full drop-ship capabilities to help you reduce operational expenses and provide a quicker, more direct service. 




Integrating Your System With Ours

Integration Benefits

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Saying Yes

Improve customer satisfaction by saying yes to product requests—even ones that aren't in your warehouse—when you add some or all of our inventory to your website.
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Increased Sales

Add trending product categories to your catalogue, giving your customers more reasons to buy from you instead of your competitors.
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Reduced Expenses

Stop running costly small quantity items through your system. We can ship directly to your customer and give you full visibility to the process while doing so.





Become a Customer

Are you a distributor or food processor, ready to gain access to our products? Then it's time to become a Dot Foods customer.



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