Dot Expressway

Your customers want more options. We have over 134,000 of them. You want more product details. We have the data you need.


Our e-commerce website, Dot Expressway, enables your team to work in an efficient manner. With images, nutritionals, allergens, and pack sizes available whenever, wherever you need it, your company can grow its offering and improve customer satisfaction by always having an answer to the question, "How can I get this?"

Dot Expressway Stats


Sales teams, buyers, and national account operators all spend time on the Expressway. On average, the site gets 2.5 million pageviews a month.


Our customers come to the Expressway for product information. Each month, around 19,000 unique visitors log in to the site to see images, nutritionals, and other helpful data.


Many customers place orders on the Expressway because it is quick and easy to do. Around 25,000 carts are checked out each month by a variety of user and job types.



DSRs + Dot Expressway

Over 10,000 distributor sales reps (DSRs) have access to Dot Expressway. DSRs who shop on our site make more sales, save more time, and have happier customers because the product information they need to make a sale is there right when they need it.
You can sign up all or a select number of your employees to be on our site. And with customizable views, you get to decide what they see and experience on the Expressway.
If you are a Dot Foods customer and ready for your DSRs to access the Expressway, get in touch with us today.

Your Digital Experience


Search by product name, item number, supplier, and ingredient. Narrow down search results by channel, temperature, allergen, and availability.
Our site gives your team the ability to find the exact product they need to make the sale.


You can choose whether you want all, some, or none of your team to buy on our site.
At Dot, more and more customers now place orders online as they value quickly adding products to their next Dot truck. But how you set it up is completely up to you.


Get the information you need when you need it.
Along with product details being available at the click of the mouse, your team can digitally manage their relationship with us by viewing or downloading product information, purchase history reports, and catalogs.


Placing our customers first is a key value at Dot.
If you have a question, concern, or request, we are here to help you. Your team can submit a short form, call, or email us to let us know how we can best serve you.





Two Ways to Order

Add to Cart

Visitors with buying privileges can add products to their shopping cart and order through the Expressway.

Upload Order

Using a CSV file, you can upload an order to our e-commerce website, send it to our team, and be on your way.

Two Ways to Ship

Dot Truck

Orders placed on the Expressway can be added to your next Dot truck and be there within two or four days.

Drop Shipment

Need something quick? Want it sent directly to your customer? We can send your item to your desired location via drop shipment.





Become a Customer

Are you a distributor or food processor, ready to gain access to our pantry of products? Then it's time to become a Dot Foods customer.



Returning Users

Already have a Dot Expressway account? Go directly to our login page. But if you forgot your username or password, click here instead.