New Suppliers

Welcome to Dot! We are thrilled to partner with you. This page provides the information and documents you need to complete all requirements for sending sample cases, publishing item data via Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), submitting pricing information, and setting up all transaction sets via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Data Accuracy

A case sample of all stock items must be received by Dot Foods eight weeks prior to the first deliveries. Failure to provide us with complete item data and case samples by this deadline may result in a delayed launch.

  1. Email with item list and carrier information prior to shipment.
  2. Create a PO # in the following format:
    - Use JV and the expected delivery date for the PO # (ex: JV041919).
  3. Ship sample cases to Dot Foods, attention:Jenna Vermillion, 1 Dot Way, Mt. Sterling, IL 62353.
  4. Send tracking information (tracking number, carrier, temperature and ETA) to
  5. Within 1 week of receipt, all sample cases will be cubiscanned.
  6. Once the item data is published via GDSN, a scorecard* will be generated. This scorecard will compare the GDSN data to the cubiscan data.
  7. Any discrepancies on the scorecard will need to be corrected in GDSN prior to setting up the items in our system. Please confirm once you have published changes.
  8. If you disagree with any of the data collected on the scorecard, communicate this with your data accuracy analyst.
  9. For additional items that need to be sampled and set up after the initial launch, notify your data accuracy analyst and this process will be followed again.

*Click here for information on how to use the scorecard.

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Item/Pricing Set-up (GDSN)

To set up new items in our system, the item spec data must be published via GDSN. Please work with a GDSN-certified data pool provider to upload item data and publish the items. If you are not already signed up with a data pool, here is a list of certified data pools.

  1. Send an email to to begin working with your Dot Foods master data analyst (MDA).
  2. Fill out the GDSN registration form at
  3. Review the GDSN Implementation Guide. This explains the publishing process with Dot Foods. It also lists the attributes that are required to be published via GDSN.
  4. Your MDA will confirm once set up is complete in our system. At that time, you need to publish all available items via GDSN. Please confirm once that is completed.
  5. Your MDA will review the items published and provide feedback on non-compliant items or any other issues with the item publications.
    -Note: This item data will need to be published to Dot Foods for a scorecard to be compiled and sent for review.
  6. All necessary changes and corrections for issues sent by your MDA or data accuracy analyst will need to be updated in your data pool and published via GDSN.

In addition to publishing item data via GDSN, pricing information must be submitted. There are two options for submitting pricing electronically. 

1. EDI 879 Pricing Transaction Set

2. Excel Price Sync Template (spec sheet instructions)

Once all item data has been corrected and the pricing information has been received, the items will be set-up and assigned Dot numbers.

Learn More About GDSN

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is the fastest, most efficient way to communicate purchase orders, purchase order confirmations, advance ship notifications, invoices, pricing, and sales reporting. There are two options to set up EDI with Dot Foods: in-house EDI or outsourcing EDI. 

If you want to outsource your EDI needs to a third-party provider but have not chosen one, reference our third-party provider list. These companies already have Dot specs developed for quicker setup. 

If you already use an EDI third-party provider, inform them that you would like to add Dot Foods as an EDI trading partner. 


  1. Please download EDI New Partner Form, fill it out and email to
  2. Attach your AS2 profile and certificate. Your EDI analyst will provide our AS2 profile and certificate. 
  3. Please review these documents:
        • EDI Profile and Procedures
        • EDI Transaction Set Specifications
        • EDI Sample Files
        • EDI Implementation Guide
        • Dot Foods DUNS Number list

Electronic Pricing: There are two options for submitting pricing electronically:

  1. EDI 879 Pricing Transaction Set
  2. Excel Price Sync Template (spec sheet instructions)

Sales Reporting: There are two options to receive sales reporting:

  1. Receiving sales reporting via EDI 867 Transaction Set
  2. Invoice detail sales reports on the Dot Expressway® (Excel format)
    * Please click here for instructions.


EDI In-House trading partners: Each transaction set will be tested prior to production. This will include AS2 connectivity testing.

EDI third-party provider trading partners: If your third-party provider has already tested transaction sets with us, only 856 ASN transaction set will be tested prior to production. If the provider has not tested transaction sets with us, then all transaction sets will be tested.

Once testing is complete, all transaction sets will be moved to production. The EDI transactions need to be in production prior to our first purchase order.

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