Customer EDI

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the fastest, most efficient way for distributors to send or receive business documents, providing the following benefits:

  • Improves accuracy:  eliminates manual keying errors when placing orders, fewer errors mean higher fill rate. 
  • Buyer efficiencies: allows your computer to automatically match Dot confirmations to your PO, so your buyer only has to review the discrepancies. 
  • Keeps data current:  transmits automatic item and price updates on a nightly or weekly basis. 
  • Faster unloading:  saves time to receive and put away your Dot load with an EDI Advance Ship Notice. 
  • Lowers administration expenses: eliminates repetitive tasks like opening mail, separating invoices by due date, and performing basic checks and comparisons. EDI invoices also guarantee Dot's invoice will be in your system the same day it is billed, giving you more time to make payments and receive cash discounts. 
  • Increases sales: EDI makes it easier for you to participate in Dot's Virtual Warehouse program. You can set up all of Dot's stocked items in your system via EDI, and offer them to your customers without having to slot the items in your warehouse.

EDI Specifications for Distributors

We have the following transaction sets available for distributors:

Please view the specs for each transaction set in the top right corner of this page.     

Flat Files

Dot now has the ability to accept flat files (.csv, fixed length, xml) into our system in the same manner as EDI. This allows our distributors to automate the purchasing process without any investment in EDI software or partnering with an Exchange.

Click here for a PowerPoint presentation on this new option.

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