867 Sales Reporting

The 867 is the standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format to use when transmitting sales data. With this data, the broker can automate the reconciliation process. It also provides the following benefits:

  • Sales information is provided in a standard format
  • Mail delays are eliminated
  • There is no need for proprietary formatted hard copy invoices and order confirmations
  • Significant labor is saved
  • Time required to process and integrate Dot sales data is reduced
  • Accuracy of sales data is increased, based on elimination of manual data entry

Expressway Reporting

We offer a simplified reporting solution for Brokers through the Dot Expressway®. Three reports are offered as resources for Brokers.

  • Supplier Sales Report: Provides sales data for all of the customers that the Broker represents, including the invoice number, invoice date, order number, PO number and more. 
  • Sales Analysis Report: Shows the trends in a company's sales volume within a period of time. 
  • Purchase History Report:  Provides Brokers with the amount purchased for selected customers during a specific period of time. 

The Expressway also allows a Broker to request invoices for their customers and product lines. For instructions on how to run these reports, please click on the links above.

Broker Steps

To get started with EDI and Dot Foods:

  1. Notify your software provider that you would like to receive the 867 transaction set from Dot
  2. Once your system is set up to receive the Dot EDI data, you or your software provider should
    contact brokeredi@dotfoods.com to start the setup process.
  3. Dot will provide you with a customer list that you can use to set up the customer cross-reference table. You'll need this table to link the Dot customer number, sent as the ship-to number, into your EDI data with your internal customer number.
  4. Dot uses GTIN's and the manufacturers' item numbers for product identification. Dot will send you the first listing of GTIN's. After that, all GTIN's can be obtained through the Dot Expressway®. For instructions on how to run this report, please click here. 
  5. When Dot's customer numbers are set up in your system, notify brokeredi@dotfoods.com that
    you are ready to start receiving the daily data.