Cambridge City,Ind. -Dot Foods' Cambridge City,Indiana distribution center (DC), one of the area's largest employers, has slashed energy usage by 15 percent over the past two years. One of the nation's largest food redistributors, Dot Foods offers more than 100,000 products throughout all 50 states.

 Whitewater Valley REMC, provides electricity for Dot Foods' 200,000-square-foot facility.  Whitewater Valley REMC and their power supplier Hoosier Energy offers an efficiency program that gives rebates to industrial customers investing in energy efficiency related to lighting, HVAC and motors.  Warehouses and distribution centers rely heavily upon energy to power forklift and pallet trucks, overhead lighting, air conditioning, and the refrigeration units that store food.  To date, the Dot Foods Indiana facility has earned nearly $40,000 in energy incentives. 

 "Refrigeration and lighting are our biggest opportunities to save energy," said Randy Templin, general manager of the Dot Foods Cambridge City DC.  "Refrigeration units can account for roughly 50 percent of our total energy consumption, and lighting typically around 15 to 30 percent."

 During 2012, the Dot Foods Cambridge City DC's Energy Oversight Committee implemented energy-efficiency technologies such as lighting upgrades, insulated freezer doors and refrigeration technology, which resulted in a one-year reduction of kilowatt-hours per cubic feet of 15 percent.  Employees also now charge lead-acid batteries in forklifts during lunch and breaks, called opportunity charging, a practice that uses less energy than completing running the battery down and then charging. The company also replaced 130 Metal Halide lights with LED lighting fixtures in warehouse freezers. 

 "Cold storage is one of the applications where LED makes a lot of sense compared to other lighting options," said Templin.  "Not only are these lights more energy efficient, they are better for colder environments and also provide full range dimming and instant-on - features that help maximize savings."

 "Through their actions, Dot Foods is demonstrating energy efficiency leadership," said Sandy Cason, director of member and corporate relations at Whitewater Valley REMC.  "We are pleased Dot Foods has teamed with us to achieve their energy efficiency goals."   Cason notes the cooperative also offers residential rebates, paying members installing high efficiency equipment over $70,000 since March 2012. 

 The Cambridge City warehouse is just the beginning as Dot Foods is addressing energy efficiency at their facilities across the country.  The company operates eight distribution centers, and several have taken similar strides to the Indiana facility.  For example, theMt. Sterling,Illinoisdistribution center has received $284,000 in Act On Energy incentives from local energy provider Ameren Illinois.

 "Everyone benefits through participation in energy-reduction initiatives like these," said John Long, senior vice president - warehouse at Dot Foods. "We are committed to continued pursuit of opportunities that are good for our business, our employees and our communities." 

 About Dot Foods

Dot Foods and Dot Transportation continue to experience exceptional growth and are hiring in record numbers. Both companies are looking to fill several positions for full and part-time drivers and warehouse personnel in all eight locations. To learn more about careers at Dot Foods, visit and follow @DotFoodsCareers on Twitter.

Dot Foods Inc. carries 105,000 products from 600 food industry manufacturers and is the largest food redistributor in the United States. Dot Foods distributes foodservice, convenience, retail and vending food products to distributors in all 50 states. Dot Foods operates eight distribution centers in: Modesto, California; Vidalia, Georgia; Burley, Idaho; Mt.Sterling, Illinois.; CambridgeCity, Indiana.; Williamsport, Maryland; Liverpool, New York; and Ardmore, Oklahoma. For information, visit