MT. STERLING, Ill. – Thanks to the new IBP Singles program by Tyson Fresh Meats, Dot Foods is now able to solve a challenge faced by many distributors and end users in the foodservice industry – the inability to purchase boxed beef in smaller pack sizes. Through the IBP Singles program, Dot is now offering the smaller pack sizes that include only one or two subprimals per box. 

“Due to USDA requirements, some of our distributors could not repack the large boxes of beef into smaller ones, so their customers had to buy them in their entirety. If a restaurant has to buy an 80-pound box of ribeyes from its distributor to cut into steaks, that’s a lot of steaks,” said Rodd Willis, Dot’s director of protein sales and purchasing. “This new program makes purchasing boxed beef much more convenient for both our distributors and their end-user customers. In addition, the meat originates in the smaller pack size, so customers can be confident the date on the box matches the production date of the product.”

The program includes ribeyes, tenderloins, strip loins, top sirloins, flank steaks, inside rounds, eye rounds and bottom rounds. Dot warehouses the beef at its flagship distribution center in Mt. Sterling, Ill., to serve the Midwest and East Coast and at its Burley, Idaho, distribution center to serve the West Coast. As with Dot’s other products, customers can leverage Dot’s buying power and nationwide distribution to purchase a smaller volume than if they bought the beef directly from the manufacturer.

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