Written by Georgia Champagne, Customer Analyst

This year, Dot has the distinguishing honor of being named in HBCU Connect's Top 50 Diversity Recruitment Employers list. HBCU Connect works with thousands of organizations to assist in efforts to reach students and alumni of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).

Dot was recognized for doing an excellent job in our efforts to target students and graduates from HBCUs for employment by making our job opportunities visible and holding several special campaigns.

In 2016, Dot began efforts to recruit from HBCUs and has had several campaigns geared toward operational, sales, and IT positions.

Today, Dot has grown applications and job views from 5,000 job views/50 applications/0 hires to more than 58,000 job views/500 applications/3 hires. These numbers are exciting as the competition is with large well-known companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Cisco.

According to Pam Kelly, director of talent & inclusion and leader of Dot's Diversity Leadership Group (DLG), "With more attention to ensuring the right skills, better geographical targeting, and improving our value proposition, we can grow this opportunity as a diversity pipeline feeder for operations, sales, and IT. We will continue working with our branding department to improve our targeting and keeping our content fresh and relevant."

As a Top 50 Diversity Recruitment Employer, Dot was featured in a recent issue of HBCU Connect Magazine. You can request a copy of the magazine by sending an email to top50@hbcuconnect.com.