BURLEY, Idaho - Dot Foods' Burley employees celebrated Earth Day with a dirty sock contest and ice cream social after hitting the streets to pick up trash and litter around their distribution center last Friday. A photo of several of the employees and their family members who participated in the event can be found at http://budurl.com/BurleyEarthDay2.

Driver trainer Kelly Koepnick of Rupertand Bobby Baker, driver, of Filer participated in the dirty sock contest to check emissions. Each employee that participated placed  a clean white sock on the muffler of his or her car before the cars were turned on for a few minutes, allowing the sock to catch any exhaust. Koepnick and Baker each won a free oil change for having the cleanest and the dirtiest exhausts, respectively. A photo of the winners can be found at http://budurl.com/BurleyEarthDay (from left to right: Koepnick and Baker).

Each of Dot Foods' eight distribution centers across the country held its own Earth Day event to raise awareness for recycling, energy efficiencies and the importance of keeping the community and workplace litter-free.

Dot Foods and Dot Transportation continue to experience exceptional growth and are hiring in record numbers. Both companies are looking to fill several positions for full and part-time drivers and warehouse personnel in all eight locations. To learn more about careers at Dot Foods, visit www.dotfoods.com/careers and follow @DotFoodsCareers.

Dot Foods Inc. carries 105,000 products from 600 food industry manufacturers and is the largest food redistributor in the United States. Dot Foods distributes foodservice, convenience, retail and vending food products to distributors in all 50 states. Dot Foods operates eight distribution centers in: Modesto, Calif.; Vidalia, Ga.; Burley, Idaho; Mt. Sterling, Ill.; Cambridge City, Ind.; Williamsport, Md.; Liverpool, N.Y.; and Ardmore, Okla. For information, visit www.dotfoods.com.