2019 wrapped up Dot Foods' fifth year partnering with the Alzheimer's Association by ranking No. 1 among all companies on per capita fundraising!

"Alzheimer's disease has had a profound impact on the Dot Foods family. And while that starts with the Tracy family, it's clear that the cause was embraced enterprise-wide," said Jim Medd, Senior Associate Director of Corporate Initiatives for the Alzheimer's Association.

Each year the partnership has grown, as well as the dollars contributed by employees, at a rate of almost 30 percent year-over-year. Dot matches all money raised through fundraising efforts and payroll deductions. While final numbers are still being tallied, Dot has already captured a remarkable achievement.

Along with raising money to fight Alzheimer's disease, another goal of the campaign is to help educate people about the disease and provide resources and support for those who may need assistance.

"Dot Foods' efforts on both education and fundraising are unprecedented for a company of its size. We simply have not seen this level of success before, even from companies with a much larger workforce," said Medd.