Dot Foods, Inc Common Carrier Inquiry Form

Thank you for inquiring about becoming a carrier for Dot Foods, Inc. We appreciate your interest and will work to develop opportunities that are beneficial to both companies. To ensure that we operate these opportunities in the safest manner possible, Dot Foods, Inc requires the following from its carriers:

Minimum Insurance Requirements

  • General Liability - $1,000,000
  • Automobile Liability - $1,000,000
  • Workers Comp - Stautory Limits for all States in which carrier operates in
  • Cargo insurance - $200,000
  • Dot Foods, Inc. noted as a "Certificate Holder"

 Minimum Safety Requirements

  • Below the government limit for intervention
  • Documentation of CSA - Crash Indicator

 Other Requirements

  • Carrier must be asset based
  • Dot freight should not be brokered out


If you meet these requirements and would like to become a carrier for Dot Foods, Inc., please complete the Dot Foods, Inc. Carrier Profile and Lanes of Interest forms on the following pages.

After receiving your inquiry, we will review your information and provide the next steps in the common carrier application process if your inquiry is determined to be a fit for Dot Foods, Inc.

Thank you again for your interest in Dot Foods, Inc. We look forward to working with you.


Dot Transportation Carrier Relations Group