Who We Are

The driving force behind our success over the years can be attributed to our employees. They work together in a customer-forward manner to deliver results for our partners---and they will continue to be the reason for our growth moving forward.

Every day they take our Brand Promise to heart. Trusted values. Innovative solutions. Shared growth.(R) It is who we are; it is what we stand for. We firmly believe that if our customers and partners can trust us to provide them with innovative solutions to their supply chain problems, we will grow together.

We are committed to this promise and focused on fulfilling these words with every transaction, to every partner, every day, building unique and lasting relationships along the way.

As our industry continues to evolve, you will see us progress and change too. We started as a business that served distributors and processors, and today we focus on completing the supply chain. From working closely with the supplier all the way to fixing problems for the operator, we are a vital link in a variety of channels.

We've done this by establishing ourselves as supply chain experts with one of the most comprehensive sources of food industry pantry of products. Now and into the future, we will work with every partner to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain from start to finish. 

If you haven't already, we encourage you to contact us today to find out how we can partner with you.

Meet Dot Foods

See how Dot Foods removes costs and complexities out of the supply chain, helping to improve service for all parties involved.

Dear Papa's Boss

What matters to you, matters to us. Watch this short video to see how we embrace family at Dot Foods and Dot Transportation.

The Redistribution Difference

Redistribution creates a win-win-win solution for suppliers, distributors, and operators. Find out how now.

Diversity-Driven Growth

Take a look inside Dot, and you'll find an environment that supports employees with all dimensions of diversity.

Meet our Leaders

John Tracy

Executive Chairman

Joe Tracy




Dick Tracy


George Eversman

Executive VP, Retail & Business Development

Anita Montgomery


Matt Holt

VP, Human Resources

Cullen Andrews

VP, Sales & Marketing

Jeff Bottorff

VP, Quality & Training

John Long

Senior VP, Warehouse

Bryan Langston

VP, Warehouse

Paul Mugerditchian

President, DTI