Inclusion & Diversity

  • Inclusion & Diversity Hallmarks

    We are committed to nurturing an inclusive and diverse work environment in every location and at every level of our company. We have identified Inclusion & Diversity Hallmarks as an expectation for all employees:

    • Choosing your words
    • Leaving no one behind
    • Speaking up
    • Encouraging all to succeed
    • Showing curiosity
    • Including our business partners
  • Measuring Our Progress

    In our journey to create an inclusive and diverse workplace, we are tracking and measuring our progress in many ways, including:

    • Increased diversity at various management levels
    • Collecting data on hiring, promoting, and retaining groups of diverse employees
    • Gauging employee perceptions via surveys
  • Diversity Training

    Our company's inclusion and diversity training, designed for all employees, focuses on Dot's Inclusion & Diversity Hallmarks as we work to create an environment that leverages our diversity. The training emphasizes the value of differences as we encourage an open and supportive workplace for all.

  • Diversity Leadership Group

    The Dot Foods Diversity Leadership Group (DLG) directs the company's initiatives to support inclusiveness and increase the diversity of our employees. Honoring our differences will lead to continued innovation and strong business results, as well as an environment where all of our employees can flourish. Through training and other events, we sustain our ongoing discussion of inclusion and diversity.

Diversity-Driven Growth

Take a look inside Dot, and you'll find an environment that supports employees with all dimensions of diversity. Discover how we foster an inclusive and diverse culture and plan to grow in these areas now and into the future.

Women's Leadership Group

The Women's Leadership Group (WLG) was established in 2003, with the goal to increase gender diversity within Dot, which has been shown to strengthen the workforce company-wide.

The WLG committee includes members from across Dot departments and locations. Members serve a three-year term. Within the WLG, there are several subcommittees, each leading key initiatives, such as professional development and work-life balance. The subcommittees have measurable objectives that support overall goals of the WLG.

The Diversity Leadership Group relies on the WLG to study and recommend solutions for strategic initiatives that impact working women. Although the WLG partners with the DLG, it operates independently and is self-governed.