About Us

The nation's largest Mom and Pop

Owned and operated by the Tracy family for more than 55 years, Dot Foods is the nation's first and largest food redistributor.

We offer 127,000 products and deliver them in LTL (less-than-truckload) quantities to distributors in all 50 states and over 25 countries. This business model creates a win-win situation for everyone in the food supply chain.

Robert Tracy founded Dot Foods with the support of his wife Dorothy in 1960. RT and Dorothy knew if their new company was going to be a success, it would have to be built on a strong foundation. So they instilled a set of values within Dot that has never wavered in 55 years. Today, the trucks in the Dot Transportation fleet bear our brand promise: Trusted values. Innovative solutions. Shared growth.®  It reminds our employees what we expect of them, and what our business partners can expect
from us.

A Promise Made
is a Promise Kept

Dick, John and Joe Tracy explain how a company on the cutting edge keeps its feet firmly on the ground.

Redistribution 101

Dot's business model creates a win-win for everybody along the food supply chain.

Proudly Serving
All 50 States

With nine distribution centers, Dot maintains a presence in every region of the country.

The Dot Foods

55 Years
in the Making

1960 - Robert Tracy founds Associated Dairy Products Company in Mt. Sterling, Illinois.

1961 - The Tracy children begin to join the Dot sales force.

1961 - Annual sales reach $872,546.

1966 - Associated Dairy Products Company is incorporated as Dot Associated Dairy Products Company, Inc., in honor of Dorothy Tracy.

1968 - Distribution center opens in Montgomery, Alabama.

1971 - RT starts an employee profit-sharing pension plan.

1972 - Annual sales reach $5,105,037.

1972 - Dot’s first printer ushers in a new era of innovation.

1977 - Dot opens the “red and white” warehouses now known as Dot West.

1978 - Dot enters into foodservice redistribution.

1981 - The company is renamed Dot Foods, Inc. to reflect our expansion into all forms of foodservice redistribution.

1981 - Buying Group relationships begin.

1984 - Distribution center opens in Memphis, Tennessee.

1985 - President Pat Tracy and CEO RT

1985 - Annual sales reach $70,877,881.

1987 - Distribution center opens in New Castle, Delaware.

1988 - Dot moves to the new Mt. Sterling facility.

1990 - Dot creates Arctic Foods to redistribute frozen food products.

1990 - Annual sales reach $184 million.

1994 - Distribution center opens in Williamsport, Maryland.

1997 - President John Tracy and CEO Pat Tracy.

1997 - Tracy Family Foundation created.

1997 - Dot Expressway® website launched.

1997 - Dot expands into the Supermarket Wholesale channel.

1999 - Distribution center opens in Vidalia, Georgia.

2000 - RT and Dorothy celebrate Dot’s 40th year in business.

2000 - Annual sales reach $1 billion.

2000 - Dot enters the non-foods category.

2002 - Dot acquires the Drescher Corporation.

2002 - Distribution center opens in Liverpool, New York.

2002 - Dot expands into the C-Store channel.

2004 - A YMCA donated by Dot, the Tracy Family Foundation and RT and Dorothy opens in Mt. Sterling.

2005 - Distribution center opens in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

2005 - Annual sales reach $2 billion.

2006 - Robert Tracy 1924–2006

2007 - President Joe Tracy and CEO John Tracy.

2007 - Distribution center opens in Cambridge City, Indiana.

2008 - Annual sales reach $3 billion.

2008 - Distribution center opens in Burley, Idaho.

2008 - Dot enters the Protein category.

2008 - Dot expands into Drug channel.

2009 - Dot expands into Mass channel.

2010 - Dot expands its Cheese and Dairy offering.

2011 - Dot forms an import company, Savor Brands, and significantly expands its import offering.

2011 - Annual sales reach $4 billion.

2013 - Dot opens its first Family Health Center.

2014 - The Country Store, renamed Dorothy’s Market, is moved into a new building in Uptown Mt. Sterling.

2014 - Dot adds an International Sales division.

2014 - Dot forms a joint venture in Mexico.

2014 - Annual sales reach $5 billion.

2015 - Distribution center opens in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

2015 - Dot expands into the Natural and Specialty category.

2015 - Annual sales reach $6 billion.

2016 - Establishes operations in Canada.

2016 - Distribution center opens in Chicago, Illinois.